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Coren is a responsible company that is committed to society. Therefore, it wants to contribute to its development with different improvement programmes. Within its social activities, we must highlight Coren’s collaboration with more than 30 entities, such as non-governmental organisations, […]

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Being environmentally friendly is an imperative goal for the cooperative, since it is a fundamental factor within its activities. Therefore, the company wants to contribute to achieving a sustainable development. Coren’s environmental commitment is summed up as follows: – Comprehensive […]

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Coren Group has a wide training programme, mainly aimed for Coren Goup’s partners and employees in its farms and industries. In 2015, 103 training activities were developed, with a total amount of 1,569 participants and 15,391 hours taught. The programme […]

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Right from the very beginning, we have based our success on countryside development by taking care of the environment –on which all of our activities depend– and by looking for the highest possible animal welfare. As an example of our […]

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