Being environmentally friendly is an imperative goal for the cooperative, since it is a fundamental factor within its activities. Therefore, the company wants to contribute to achieving a sustainable development.

Coren’s environmental commitment is summed up as follows:

– Comprehensive compliance with the current legislation as a coherent attitude applicable to Coren’s business activity.

– Incorporation of management, direction and production criteria that are environmentally friendly. We are also committed to implement the needed measures to avoid any environmental pollution risks.

– Reduction in the consumption of natural resources, among which the reduction in water consumption must be highlighted.

– Reduction in fuel consumption and, therefore, reduction in systemic emissions. An indefinite technical stop related to the fuel consumption source is foreseen. The energy supplied by that source will be generated by a new biomass boiler.

– Energy efficiency of gas consumption achieved by placing economisers that make a responsible use of energies.

– Hazardous waste reduction by eliminating those activities that produce it.

Coren also collaborates with the “Life Regenera Limia” programme, which aims to recover the environmental values of A Limia shire by making them compatible with the agro-farming activity.

At the same time, Coren promotes the restoration of common lands that have been burnt in order to use them for extensive cattle breeding.

Chestnut trees forests are also restored to produce chestnuts aimed for feeding the pigs belonging to the Selecta product range.