Coren Group has a wide training programme, mainly aimed for Coren Goup’s partners and employees in its farms and industries. In 2015, 103 training activities were developed, with a total amount of 1,569 participants and 15,391 hours taught. The programme included actions within the agro-farming sector and activities for agro-food industries. It also offered general training courses, such as management, language or cooperative movement courses, among others.

In this sense, and with the aim of training high-level professionals within the agro-food sector, Coren is going to implement two new Master’s degree programmes:

– Coren Master in Management and Commercialisation for Food Companies

– Coren Master in Management for Cattle Companies

These programmes allow acquiring the necessary competence for a high-level professional performance in agro-food companies. Therefore, they are taught according to a dual system that not only offers theoretical training but also practical work at Coren Group’s companies.