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Selecta Selecta pigs are born and raised in Galicia following a traditional breeding for at least 6 months. They are taken care of by our farmers. Their selected breed, that favours fat infiltration with a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty […]

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ECOLOGICAL CHICKEN Have a look at the entire product catalogue here. You can find our products in your usual shopping places. Our recipe Did you know? CONSUMPTION DOSSIER In the last decade, the ecological agriculture sector has multiplied by 39 […]

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FREE-RANGE CHICKENIn 1995, we started with the production of free-range chicken, which is an added value product with a traditional flavour.In Coren, we have pioneered in the recovering of the traditional breeding in the maximum welfare conditions, in which chicken […]

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free range eggs/p> 10 FREE-RANGE EGGS Ten eggs with all the free-range Coren flavour for special occasions. 6 XL EGGS For those who want to appreciate the pleasure of a big yolk with the flavour of traditional eggs. 6 VITA-E […]

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