Free ragnge chicken, for 100% vegetable food

In 1995, we started with the production of free-range chicken, which is an added value product with a traditional flavour.

In Coren, we have pioneered in the recovering of the traditional breeding in the maximum welfare conditions, in which chicken enjoy the great outdoors along the Galician fields. There, they can grow completely unstressed and receive a vegetal feeding completely based on corn. Those are the keys to offer the traditional flavour and texture.

After more than twenty years, we continue being the first free-range chicken producer in Spain and we maintain our objective of spreading traditional flavour, breeding and feeding.

Free-range chicken is the genuine country chicken bred in Galicia by Coren farmers at farms with open air fields and 100% vegetal feeding mainly based on corn.

More than 200 farmers raise this country pure breed chicken by taking the sustainability of rural areas into account.

Reasons that make it different

Alimentación 100% vegetal
Campo gallego
Raza seleccionada
Enjoy a unique flavour!
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Our recipe

Free-range Chicken Stew with Beans

Recipe by Coren Team

Recipe by Coren Team

The soups and broths season is back again. Here is a delicious proposal: beans with Free-range chicken.

Did you know?

The breed, the breeding in welfare conditions and the feeding contribute to create unique products of exceptional flavour and texture

  • The quality of free-range products is certified by SGS and Galicia Calidade.
  • Our farms are small-sized and are located in the south of the province of Ourense.
  • More than a hundred farmers are associated to Coren’s free-range chicken breeding.
  • The characteristic yellow colour of Coren’s free-range chicken comes from the daily corn intake.
  • Free-range chicken is a specially selected breed for the countryside.
  • The free-range chicken is bred in farms with at least 1 square metre space for each.