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President’s letter

Manuel Gómez-Franqueira Álvarez

President’s letter

At Coren, we have been devoted to the agri-food sector for 60 years. Since our inception, we have strived to pursue excellence so as to offer products of the highest quality to consumers while keeping the traditional character in our production and rearing procedures.

The highest welfare conditions and care in the breeding of our animals and our utter respect for the environment –while standing up firmly for a sustainable production– represent the core values on which our work is based and to which we are fully committed. The expertise of our cooperative members and workers has turned Coren into the largest meat agri-food cooperative in Spain, with a modern and well-balanced production structure ready to face the challenges of a globalised market.

Our continuous commitment to innovation has allowed us to take a leap forward and has made it possible for us to be ahead of the sector in many occasions, thus becoming one of our poles of growth. Hence, at Coren we pioneered at the implementation of traceability systems that back the complete food chain safety and put comprehensive controls into practice in every step of the production process.

The commitment to Galicia and the Galician fields is another of the aspects that has always defined Coren: we have proved that the countryside has a future following a cooperative model. Our whole network of production plants is based in Galicia; therefore, our products are 100 % Galician. As of today, and as a result of Coren’s commitment to internationalisation, such products are present in 55 countries with their roots kept intact.

Coren could not exist without the more than 7,000 families that make up the cooperative. With their will and involvement, we will keep facing the challenges to come. And, of course, thanks to all of our clients and consumers for the trust they place in us every day, because they are our raison d’être.