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Our History

Coren’s history is the story of success in the Galician countryside. Almost 60 years of work and effort have resulted in the company becoming leaders in the agri-food sector. When the company was set up nobody could have imagined that we have come get so far, but together we have set a milestone in Galicia.
TODAY - Coren


Currently, Coren continues working day by day with the objective of offering its consumers 100% Galician products of the highest quality, strengthening its position in the national market and expanding its presence internationally. All this while maintaining its production and industrialisation in Galicia, based on the values of animal welfare and respect for the environment. Because Coren does not forget its original commitment: to create employment and wealth in our land.
2021 - Coren
Present day


The Biogas Plant is started up at the Poultry Processing Centre, an innovative and pioneering project in the sector, framed within the commitment to sustainable production and the principles of circular economy.
2020 - Coren
Present day


As part of its objective of scaling itself to meet the challenges of the market in the coming years, the Coren Group completes the turkey production cycle with the start-up of its Turkey Incubation Centre in Sobreira (Vilamarín, Ourense), incorporating the latest technologies in the sector.
2018 - Coren


Moreover, the cooperative continues to undertake new projects and in 2018 inaugurates its Genetic Selection Centre in Friol (Lugo).
2017 - Coren


Coren celebrates its 55th anniversary positioned as the largest agri-food meat cooperative in Spain. Its activity represents more than 50% of Galicia's livestock production. Its turnover in 2017 exceeded 1,000 million Euros.
2015 - Coren


Coren has continued to grow in all its areas, with the creation of modern facilities such as the Celanova Genetic Selection Centre or the Renewable Energy Plant. Likewise, at the end of 2015 the cooperative presents in Leiro (Ourense) the Strategic Plan that will mark the growth of its Chestnut-fed Pork Select Range.
2013 - Coren


Christmas 2013 saw another of the most special milestones in Coren's history: the arrival at the Vatican with the delivery to Pope Francis of the Poulard from the Convent of Allariz
2006 - Coren


The challenges of the new globalised environment led Coren to commence its biggest project in 2004: the construction of the Poultry Processing Centre in Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo. The complex, inaugurated in 2006 by their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, has been strategic to position Coren as a leader in poultry distribution. This 150,000 square meters factory, in which the accumulated investment since its inception until today exceeds 250 million Euros, is a model in technology and food safety in the EU, which has made it possible to respond to the needs of the market and the demand of each customer, and in which more than 1,700 product references are produced.
2003 - Coren


In order to increase in size in the area of nutrition, Coren builds the Animal Nutrition Plant in Bonxe (Lugo), equipped with the latest technologies and a world reference benchmark in livestock feeding.
1997 - Coren


The Incubation Technology Centre for day-old chicks is inaugurated, with the presence of the then president of the Regional Government of Galicia, Manuel Fraga, who one year later would be visited by Prince Felipe, today King Felipe VI.
1995 - Coren


The creation of new cooperatives, such as the calf cooperative, and purchases the former Frigsa plant (Lugo), today Novafrigsa, headquarters of the Beef Processing Centre and the ham drying plants. Similarly, the Frigolouro Swine Processing Centre expands to 80,000 square meters and is equipped with the latest technologies to meet the demand of national and international markets, mainly Asian markets.
1986 - Coren


Manuel Gómez-Franqueira faced his first challenge: to bring the cooperative into line to the community environment that Spain had just joined, which required a change of mentality and new projects. Furthermore, many farms created in the early years were facing a lack of generational handover. The strategy had to be refocused, so the first livestock farming groups were created. Likewise, in the mid 80's, the second feed factory was created in the San Cibrao das Viñas Industrial Estate.
1984 - Coren


Mr. Eulogio Gómez-Franqueira remained at the head of the cooperative until 1984. The general management of the group passed onto to his son Mr. Manuel Gómez-Franqueira Álvarez, who had joined the company in 1975 and started from the bottom to become familiar with the various areas, until he was appointed General Manager of Coren in the 1986 assembly.
1979 - Coren


The cooperative extends its presence into the pork market and in 1979 acquires the Industrias Frigoríficas del Louro (Frigo-louro) plant, in Porriño.
1975 - Coren


The egg production cooperative is constituted, which starts up the Egg Grading Facility. In order to expand its production structure in animal feed, the first feed factory is created in the San Cibrao das Viñas Industrial Estate.
1970 - Coren


The cooperative completes the chick cycle with the construction of its first hatchery in Taboadela.
1965 - Coren


The members of Uteco decide to dissociate themselves from the Americans and start up their own business. To do so, an own structure was required, reason why the poultry slaughterhouse in Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo and the feed factory in O Vinteún was pursued, while continuing to receive day-old chicks from the American hatchery in Sarria (Lugo). The initiative was a success and soon new farms and industries emerged.
1962 - Coren


The first cooperative of 20 members was created, with an agreement with the American company Swift, which supplied day-old chicks and feed..
1959 - Coren


The origin of Coren dates back to the mid 50’s, when the Americans promoted market-oriented poultry farming in Europe. In 1959, they contacted the manager of Uteco Ourense, Mr. Eulogio Gómez Franqueira, and proposed a plan: to create 20 farms of 5,000 chicks. In that Galicia scarred by extreme rural poverty and emigration, Mr. Eulogio Gómez Franqueira believed that it was possible to make a decent living from the countryside and set that project in motion.
2012 - Coren


As a result of its commitment to R&D, Coren launches the Selecta range of chestnut-fed pork, one of its most successful product lines, and in 2013 inaugurates its Ham drying plant in Lugo, modern facilities with a capacity for 700,000 pieces.