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Who are we?

The largest agri-food meat cooperative in Spain, with 60 years of experience in the food sector, where we have an extensive presence in the poultry, pork and beef markets..

Over 7,000 families working together and committed to a project in which we are prompted by the continuous pursuit for excellence to offer food of the highest quality, promoting a sustainable management model which prioritises animal welfare and respect for the environment..

Our roots are entrenched in the Galician countryside and our vocation for growth has had the effect of enabling us to take our 100% Galician products to international markets in 55 countries.

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Our principles

  • Cooperativism

    We defend cooperativism as a responsible and socially committed business model that generates wealth in rural areas.

  • Animal welfare

    We take care of our animals, ensuring their maximum wellbeing, encouraging their rearing in the fields and feeding them with selected cereals.

  • Sustainability

    We are a responsible company that promotes sustainable agro-food production, compatible with maximum respect for the environment.

  • Quality

    Our aim is to offer food of the highest quality, with a rigorous traceability system and promoting continuous innovation.

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The history of Coren is the history of success in the Galician countryside.

Almost 60 years of work and effort which have led us to become leaders in our sector.


For more than 55 years, at Coren we have been working to make a dream come true: to produce 100% Galician food of the highest quality and freshness.


Enjoying what is most natural, what is ours, what is authentic.

And when things get a bit tricky, one discovers that the best advice is given by those who are closest to you. Those who know from experience that if you don't give up, and if you play your cards right, everything will soon be a thing of the past.

That strength, that spirit, is also something unique and full of affection.

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Coren Group news

  • Coren Group strengthens its commitment to the Galician countryside after purchasing 4,250,000 kg of chestnuts to feed Selecta pigs in 2023, meaning €6,600,000

  • Coren hosted the ‘Desafío CEO’ business encounter focusing on the challenges faced by executives nowadays

  • ABANCA and Coren strengthen their collaboration and offer sustainable solutions to cooperative members

  • ENDESA and COREN sign an electricity supply contract at stable prices for 5 years and will collaborate to promote sustainable development projects