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At Coren we were pioneers more than 25 years ago in the production of free-range chicken, under the Pollo de Corral brand. For that purpose, we revived the traditional breeding of our grandparents, as it had always been done in Galicia.

Our Pollo de Corral free-range chickens grow happily, with utmost well-being and enjoys freedom. Furthermore, it has a completely vegetable diet which is cereal-feed based, mainly corn. These are the keys to offering the forever taste and texture as always.

Today, Coren remains the leading producer of the Pollo Campero free-range chicken in Spain and continues to advocate the values of a project based on animal welfare and rural sustainability. In fact, more than 100 farming families are dedicated to this production, which contributes to land reclamation in the countryside and to tie the population to the Galician countryside, preventing a rural exodus.

Reasons that make it different

  • 100% vegetable feed with
    a minimum of 70% cereals,
    50% being maize.
  • Traditional breeding in
    freedom, with free access
    to the Galician countryside.
  • Selected breed
    of slow growing

Did you know?

Breed, welfare breeding and feeding
contribute to creating unique products of exceptional taste and texture.

The quality of the free range products is certified by SGS and Galicia Calidade.
All our farms are small scale farms and are located in the south of the province of Ourense.
There are more than a hundred farmers associated with Coren’s Pollo de Coral free-range chicken farming.
The characteristic yellow colour of the Coren Pollo de Coral free-range chicken comes from the daily intake of corn.
The characteristic yellow colour of the Coren Pollo de Corral free-range chicken comes from the daily intake of corn.
The chickens are bred in farms with at least 1 m2 of available space per bird.

In the wide range of products
of Free-range Chicken you can find:

Enjoy the unique taste of free-range chicken

Whole free-range

Traditional breeding with maximum well-being, free range and completely natural feed imbue Coren free-range chicken a unique texture and an authentic taste, just like at home, which one can enjoy in a wide range of products of the highest quality.

Free-range Chicken burgers with spinach

Coren's hamburgers, prepared by traditional mincing with the noblest and freshest pieces of free-range chicken meat, are enriched with vegetables, such as spinach, which results in a quality product suitable for everyone.

Like all Pollo de Corral products, they are gluten, colouring and preservative free.

Free-range Chicken Breast

Free-range chicken breast reared in the highest animal welfare conditions. Whole or filleted breast available.

Our free-range chicken enjoys a traditional pasture breeding in the Galician fields.

Every bite has a unique flavour and texture, reminiscing about the old traditional flavour: our grandparents’ cuisine.

Free-range Chicken Sausages

Our sausages are made with high-quality cuts, fresh meat and traditionally minced free-range chicken, reared in the highest animal welfare conditions.

Our sausages are produced naturally: colourant-free, preservative-free and free of the main allergens: gluten and lactose.

Free-range chicken tenderloins

The best free-range chicken raw material for the youngest ones in the house. True delicacies made with flavourful, healthy, enjoyable mini size free-range chicken breast of the highest quality.

Free-range Chicken Kids is a product range created to cheer up the meals of the little ones and solve the concerns of those parents who want to feed their children in a healthy and balanced way.

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