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A pleasure for the senses

Result of the Galician livestock tradition

As a result of a historical tradition based on a breeding method that has been handed down from generation to generation, framed in the privileged environment of the fields of Galicia, the Galician Beef is obtained.

Protected under the PGI Galician Beef, recognised by the European Union, it is noteworthy for its pink colour, its amazing tenderness and its intense and pleasant flavour, recognised by exquisite and demanding palates.

All the meat comes from animals born and raised in Galicia, which offers ideal climatic conditions and natural resources for their development. Likewise, the entire production process takes place in this region.

It is an emblematic meat at national level, whose fame has crossed our borders, being recognised both in Spain and internationally as one of the best young beef in the world.

The keys to Galician Beef

  • Galician native breeds and their crossbreeds. These animals are born, raised and slaughtered in Galicia, with a thorough selection at origin and a comprehensive control.
  • Breeding in small farms by families of farmers, following the traditional guidelines of management and care in the Galician countryside. A know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation to the present day.
  • Feeding is based on breast-feeding and, once weaned, on fodder from the Galician fields and selected cereals of the highest quality, previously controlled and authorised. Furthermore, as regards the Supreme Galician Beef, breastfeeding is extended to seven months.
Result of a method perfected by generations of cattle breeders over centuries, the privileged environment of the Galician countryside, and a selected diet, the PGI Galician Beef is obtained. Maximum quality, tenderness and extraordinary flavour, which Coren selects and brings to the table to enjoy a product of international fame.

Discover here our range of Galician Veal:

Discover our Galician Veal Products

Burguer meat of
Galician Veal

The veal is an ideal food for a healthy and balanced diet, suitable for the whole family.

It is a very nutritious meat, with a high protein content of high biological value, which has all the main essential amino acids for the body. It similarly provides minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It is also very rich in Group B vitamins, being very remarkable its contribution of vitamin B12.

An adequate intake in combination with other food groups is a physiological benefit for human beings and enables persons to obtain important micronutrients.

Burguer meat de Ternera Gallega

Mini Burguer meat
of Galician Veal

Gluten-free and lactose-free mini hamburgers made with meat certified by the P.G.I. Galician Beef in an easy-to-prepare and cook format. A select recipe and a meat of origin which is appreciated by all kinds of public thanks to its unbeatable flavour and consistent meaty texture. It is a perfect format to prepare an appetiser, a snack or to be able to combine several flavours without having to choose only one.

The taste of Galicia that everyone loves!

Mini Burguer meat de Ternera Gallega

Entrecot de Ternera Gallega

El entrecot es una parte del lomo alto o lomo bajo; siendo una de las carnes más nobles y de categoría extra.

Este entrecot tiene el sello de Ternera Gallega suprema, que certifica la calidad de la carne, pero también su origen y procedencia (Galicia): animales criados en libertad y alimentados de manera natural.


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