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The best taste ever FROM GALICIA

Coren's free-range hens are raised in the open air in the Galician countryside, the best place to raise animals in the wild. There the hens run free in the fields and are fed in a completely natural manner, based on cereals of the highest quality, mainly corn.

Our farming families raise their hens in the traditional way, as has always been done in Galicia. Furthermore, at Coren we were pioneers in the production of free range eggs, more than 25 years ago. In fact, all our egg production comes from free-range hens.

This results in eggs with an intensely coloured yolk and the delicious flavour of a lifetime. That is why, Coren’s free range eggs are “Yellow Flavour”.

The keys to the "Yellow Flavour"

  • Our hens are bred in freedom. Growing up happily in the Galician countryside, where they run, peck, have sand baths… An entirely stress-free breeding.
  • 100% vegetable feed, with a 70% cereals, of which at least 50% is corn.
  • Enjoying the maximum animal welfare, in parks with an available space of 4 m2 per bird, and receive all the care and attention from our farmers.
  • All our farms are located in Galicia, in this fashion contributing to tie the population ton the countryside, preventing a rural exodus and promoting a sustainable development committed to the environment.
Traditional breeding and maize feed are key to achieving top quality eggs such as Coren's Camperos, which are distinguished by their intense yellow colour and authentic, lifelong flavour.

We invite you to discover our assortment of Free-range Eggs.

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The intense coloured yolk of our eggs is only obtained by feeding our hens with cereals, mainly corn.

Traditional breeding and 100% natural nutrition to achieve the best flavour ever.

boiled free range egg


We work with product formats adapted to your needs. In this case, our boiled free-range eggs in a cube with 70 units.

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