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Roasted Selecta pork boston butt confit with quinoa and green pistachios

Delicious recipe for confit baked pork prey, discover a different way of cooking our quality products.


    • Start by preparing the seasoning in a mortar: garlic cloves, a jet of oil, rosemary and salt. Crush everything until having a uniform mix.
    • The next step is to make the Boston butt confit by seasoning the piece well all over.
    • Preheat the oven at 150º. After 10 minutes, put the Boston butt inside on a tray with a jet of oil. Let it roast for about 90 to 110 minutes at 120 degrees. Halfway through the roasting time, you can open the oven to check the temperature and the colour.
    • In the meantime, crush the green pistachios in a grinder or a mortar. It is important to remove the skin adequately so they can be properly ground.
    • Boil the quinoa in a pot 20 minutes before removing the meat from the oven. You can choose white, red or black quinoa. You can even mix the three types for a different flavour.
    • Once the meet is ready, remove it from the oven and batter it with the previously ground pistachios.


On a slate plate, place the Boston butt confit on the quinoa. You can accompany it with some extra boiled vegetables.