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Selecta oven-baked pork ribs with butter and sage

Follow the steps of this delicious recipe by Carmen Albo.


      • This oven-baked pork rib recipe, although it takes some time, is a true delicacy. The meat of the Selecta pork ribs comes from pigs fed on chestnuts. This Selecta rib rack is first baked in its juice, protected, for 90 minutes to avoid dryness; it then becomes an extremely soft and juicy bite that is baked au gratin. It is not the fastest recipe but it is indeed one of the easiest and delicious.

    Approximate procedure:

    • Have the butter at room temperature and mix it with a tablespoon of dry sage, 2 grated garlic cloves, salt and pepper.
    • NOTE:Keep the leftover seasoned butter after baking to make stirfries, make potatoes au gratin, etc…
    • Spread the Selecta pork rib racks with the mix.
    • Make a papillote well wrapped with foil with the Selecta pork rib racks inside. To make it easier, cut the racks in half to put one on top of the other and prepare the packages in a simpler way.
    • Put the papillotes inside the oven at 200º for 90 minutes.
    • While the pork ribs are baking, boil some small potatoes to make the garnish. You can use a pot in the traditional way for about 30 minutes or you can steam them in the microwave for 9-10 minutes.
    • When the potatoes are somewhat soft, with a hard glass or a press, mash them a bit until they crumble slightly. Put them aside.
    • Once the baking is done, remove the chunks of the oven-baked pork ribs from the foil package, put them on a roasting pan, surround the meat with the potatoes and pour the remaining liquid from the papillotes over both.
    • Add some more salt and pepper, only over the potatoes, and cook au gratin at about 250º for 20-30 minutes until everything is beautifully browned.
    • And these delicious Selecta oven-baked pork ribs with butter and sage will be ready! Please, check out our BBQ ribs recipe too



We can serve a piece of barbecue rib on a plate with the potato wedges and the sauce on one side of the plate.