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Selecta shoulder of Pork with turnip tops

Pork pork with turnips is the traditional carnival dish in Galicia, and it is also very popular in the colder months. Discover the step by step.


    • The first thing to do is desalting the entire shoulder without the hoof for 72 hours – changing the water every 12 hours.
    • Once the meat is desalted (this is a very important first step for a dish like this one), clean the shoulder and boil it in a pot with water covering it.
    • After 2 hours, remove the shoulder. In that same water, boil the potatoes and the chorizos.
    • 10 minutes before potatoes are boiled, add the turnip tops. They must be very well cleaned and have to be previously sliced.
    • When everything is boiled, add the shoulder for 3 or 4 minutes for the final temperature touch.


Place the turnip tops on a platter and the potatoes and the chorizos on another one. Slice the shoulder to your liking.