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Pork Secreto with Vermouth Sauce


    • The first thing to do is slicing the Selecta meat finely.
    • After that, season the slices and put them aside.
    • In a pan, add oil and, when hot, fry the previously chopped onion and the garlic lightly.
    • When the onion is well poached, add the vermouth and the glass of soup and let it reduce to thicken with the flour diluted in a little soup.
    • In a hot griddle or a pan with oil, cook the meat slices for around a minute and a half on each side.


You can place the dish on a long platter. Serve the sauce first and put the secreto in the middle with a rosemary leaf for the final touch. You can accompany the secreto with mashed potatoes or apple purée. It will be a delicious, simple and quick-to-make recipe.