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Selecta Ossobuco Pork with Chestnuts


    • The first thing to do is coating the meat with flour.
    • Brown the meat in a casserole with oil on its bottom. Once it is done, remove it and strain the oil.
    • Place all the well-chopped vegetables in the same casserole with garlic and add salt to your liking.
    • After that, add the diced tomatoes and put the meat with the wine and the soup again. Add also a spoonful of ground pepper.
    • Leave everything boil for 45 minutes and add the pealed chestnuts
    • .
    • Wait 30 more minutes so the sauce is a bit more reduced and it will be ready to serve.


It can be placed in a casserole with a little parsley sprinkled on the top. As a side dish, cooked rice can be served.