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Cooperative of cooperatives

Coren is a second-degree cooperative, which means it is a cooperative of cooperatives. The producers of the different activities (poultry meat, egg laying, pork, cattle or rabbit meat) are associated in first-degree cooperatives that have a total amount of 3,200 partners (farmers). At the same time –and according to the cooperative regime– they are integrated in Coren; that is why it is a second-degree cooperative or a “cooperative of cooperatives”. This structure allows both cooperative members and Coren’s team to get directly involved in the management. They are the most interested parties in achieving the highest quality in every phase of the production process as well as in a socially responsible management, which are the keys of the “Coren’s model”.

Industry map


Processing centres


Centro de procesado avícola
Our Poultry Processing Centre (CPA) is located in Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo (Ourense) together with the Group’s head offices. More than 1,000 people work in these premises. The complex has 50,000 square metres of covered area and had a €120 M investment. Given its dimension, avant-garde and cutting-edge features, it is one of the most advanced facilities of this sort in the European Union.


Centro de procesado avícola
Coren’s Pig Processing Centre is located in Porriño (Pontevedra) and has over 700 workers. In these same facilities the Canning and Precooked Food Plant is also located. There, more than 50 references for all tastes are manufactured.


The Group’s Cattle Processing Centre, Novafrigsa, is located in Lamablanca (Lugo) and hosts over 300 workers. There, farms’ cattle production is managed and cold and boiled meats are produced as well. The Ham Drying Plant with a capacity for 700,000 pieces a year is also in the premises.


Centro de procesado avícola
In this industry located in San Cibrao das Viñas industrial estate (Ourense), eggs coming from Coren’s poultry egg-laying farms are sorted by size prior their commercialisation. Coren exclusively produces free-range eggs (coming from chickens bred in the open air and fed with cereals, mainly corn) and ecological eggs.


Centro de procesado avícola
Coren has three hatching centres: the Hatching Technological Centre (Technological Park of Galicia, Ourense) and two hatcheries in Taboadela (Ourense) and Morón (Sevilla). There, eggs coming from the Group’s egg-laying farms are hatched. They remain for 21 days from their laying until animals are born, which are then sent to the farms for breeding.


Centro de procesado avícola
Coren does not only have the two Feed Mills (I and II) in the San Cibrao das Viñas industrial estate in Ourense, but also the ones in the province of Lugo, known as Bonxe and Bretoña, as well as the one in Dumbría (A Coruña) and the on in Benegiles (Zamora). Raw materials of the highest quality are used there for feed production. With these six factories, Coren guarantees the immediate supply to its own farms and to feed customers located all over Galicia.


Coren has five co-generation plants for supplying energy in an efficient way to its main industries: two in Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo (Ourense), two in the San Cibrao das Viñas industrial estate (Ourense) and one in Lamablanca (Lugo).

Suministros Coren (SUMICOR)

It concentrates the offer of technical products and services for the group’s cooperative members and for external customers: farm construction, veterinary services, pharmaceutical material, ironmongery, agro-farming material…


The Galician Laboratory of Agro-food Innovation is located in the Technological Park of Galicia and serves all the group’s companies. R&D works are carried out there.


The Galician By-products Managing Company is a company that is jointly owned by Coren and whose aim is to collect and transform animal by-products.

Commercial companies

Coren Grill is Coren Group’s take-away food chain. There, customers can find the best products of the cooperative. Meals are cooked with the greatest care according to the traditional recipes so they get fresh and tasty to the consumer’s table. It is the perfect option for those who have little time but who also care about the flavour of tradition and a balanced diet. Coren Grill shops offer a wide variety of ready meals. The products that must be highlighted are the traditional roasts –with free-range chicken as the star product– as well as the Selecta pork ribs coming from pigs fed with chestnuts. The offer is completed with tripe, salads, empanadas, bread and a wide range of desserts. All the products offered by Coren Grill have 100% Galician ingredients, which are completely natural and of the highest quality. Coren Grill has a wide shop network throughout Galicia, including gourmet-oriented establishments. The Group’s reference shop is located at Bedoya Street in Ourense. There, all Coren’s product ranges can be found –including fresh, cured, prepared and roasted products– with specially selected presentations or displayed with special cuts –such us the Japanese-style cut. Besides, the shop offers special services to clients, such as ham pieces cut with knife by Coren specialist ham slicers, and also displays catering preparations. At the same time, Coren Grill has another gourmet-style shop located in Andrés Muruais Street in Pontevedra. The chain is developing an expansion plan for opening new gourmet-style establishments in the rest of Galicia and northwest Spain.




In 1984, this commercial society was created in order to make Coren products be available in the whole country. Nowadays, Coren Group is present in every national and international market thanks to Galsa, its societies and distributors. It has local offices in Ourense, A Coruña, Vigo and Madrid.



In 1990, Lourinho was founded. With this company, Coren started its business activities in Portugal with its facilities in Vila do Conde (Oporto). The geographic proximity and the magnificent relations between Galicia and northern Portugal were the reasons behind the setting up of Coren in Portugal. What is more, some years later, Lourinho opened a distribution plant in Lisbon with the aim of having a bigger and faster response capacity facing the increasing demand of the Portuguese market.