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Made fresh

Curry turkey medallions

500 g approx.

Paprika marinated turkey steak

500 g approx.

Garlic marinated turkey breast

320 g approx.

Garlic marinated turkey steak

500 g approx.

Paprika marinated turkey breast

500g approx.

Fine herb marinated turkey breast medallions

550-650 g approx.

Marinated turkey scallopini .

550-650 g approx

Marinated chicken wings with paprika

500 g approx

Chicken breast fillet with herbs

550 g approx.

Garlic marinated chicken tenderloin

350 g approx.

Chicken breast medallions au fine herbs

450-550 g approx.

Chicken hamburger

540 g (6 pieces)

Turkey hamburger

360 g (4 pieces)

Turkey hamburger with spinach

200 g (2 pieces)

Mini Chicken hamburger

200 g (8 pieces)

Angus meat burger

260 g

Chicken sausages

350 g

Chicken minced meat

400g approx.

Turkey minced meat

400 g approx.

Shish kebab

400 g approx./ ATM tray or Bulk 2Kg approx.

Galician Zorza

1,72 Kg appro (vacuum)

Chicken Roti

900 g approx.

Turkey Roti

650/ 900 g approx.

Chicken Roti with bacon and cheese

650 approx.

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