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The Coren Group acquires 4,100,000 kilos of chestnuts to feed the Selecta pigs in the year 2022, which contributes 6,350,000 euros to the Galician countryside

The purchase agreement was ratified by Manuel Gómez-Franqueira, president of the cooperative, with Jesús Quintá, manager of Alibós, the largest collection company in the sector in Galicia.

In addition to contributing wealth to rural areas, this initiative has a significant environmental impact: it is equivalent to 137,000 chestnut trees in an area of ​​1,800 hectares, which absorb the emission of 10,700 tons of CO2.

The chestnut used to feed the pigs in the Select Range comes entirely from Galicia and is peeled, cooked and frozen to be available all year round.

The Coren Group consolidates its position as one of the main chestnut buyers in Galicia with the renewal of the acquisition agreement for Galician chestnuts which it will allocate to feeding the pigs of its Selecta range throughout the next year. The purchase agreement was ratified this week by Manuel Gómez-Franqueira Álvarez, president of the Coren group, and Jesús Quintá, manager of Alibós, the main Brazil nut collector and processing company from Galicia.

The cooperative purchases chestnuts each year in season, which then goes through a process of peeling, cooking and subsequent freezing, which allows them to be preserved in order to allocate them to feed the pigs throughout the year. strong> Specifically, the chestnut purchase agreement for 2022 amounts to 4,100,000 kilos , which represents an economic contribution to the Galician countryside of 6,350,000 euros .

In the current campaign, the chestnut harvest decreased mainly due to the fact that the weather in recent months was not favorable for this crop. However, the significant volume of demand for Coren plays a stabilizing role in the sector, with which the cooperative contributes to the generation of wealth and the economic revitalization of rural Galicia, by complementing the income of the families of the field, in addition to preserving the sotos against the risk of disappearance that they suffer due to the abandonment of the field. An action that is part of Coren’s Social Responsibility Policy to promote initiatives aimed at promoting the progress of rural Galicia.

In this sense, the Group has been demanding for years the adoption of measures to promote the plantation of chestnut trees as a profitable crop (in fact, studies of the sector indicate that the profitability of a careful plantation with added value varieties is similar to that of one hectare of vineyard).


Coren’s purchase of chestnuts also plays an important environmental role, since the volume purchased represents the production of some 137,000 chestnut trees on 1,800 hectares of land, which absorb 10,700 tons of CO2 per year. In this way, the cooperative contributes to the protection of the environment, another of the fundamental principles of its Social Responsibility Policy.


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