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Pork processing Centre

Frigolouro is the meat processing centre where Coren concentrates its entire porcine production coming from its farms and where more than 700 people work. In these same facilities, the canning factory plant is also located where more than fifty product references in various formats are elaborated. Behind each package there is always a comprehensive selection process of the best ingredients as well as strict quality controls, which ensure the excellence of these products. With productions of over 40 million kilos of pork, 1,800,000 kilos of hams and more than 7 million kilos of canned products, it can be stated that that the excellent raw materials enable us to continue innovating day after day and elaborating products adapted to the ever-changing habits of society.



IGAPE PROJECT (2022) – Internationalization Synergy Program 2021-2022.
CIIE CHINA FAIR (2019) – 2019-2020 Internationalisation Synergy Programme.

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