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Dear customers and friends:

Offering products with the highest quality has been the purpose of our work in Coren since its appearance over 50 years ago. This constant pursuit of excellence has been the key that has allowed us growing and making us the largest agro-food cooperative in Spain. Coren is today a leading group and a reference for poultry, pork and cattle markets.

All Coren’s efforts are aimed to satisfying consumers while guaranteeing them that the best products are taken to their table. Hence, in Coren, we have pioneered in the implementation of traceability systems that back the complete food chain safety and put comprehensive quality controls into practice in every step of the production process.

Our animals are bred in the highest welfare conditions and we defend a sustainable agro-farming production, which reconciles the development of the sector and the most absolute respect for the environment.

Every Coren product is 100% Galician: we exclusively produce and industrialise in Galicia. This is not incompatible with our willingness to grow, since we have successfully aimed for a wide presence in markets worldwide. Currently, our products are commercialised in over 50 countries throughout the five continents.

In Coren, we firmly believe in the cooperative movement. Every partner is involved in our socially responsible management model, where people prevail over capital. But the success of the “Coren’s model” would not be possible without the effort of one of the more than 6,000 families that take part in the cooperative, to whom I want to appreciate their commitment to this project. This is an effort backed up by the collaboration of our suppliers and the loyalty of our customers.

They help us improve every day.

Thanks for relying on Coren.

Mission and values

We generate wealth in a sustainable way by being highly competitive and keeping our unity.


Bienestar animal
Bienestar animal Innovación Calidad Trazabilidad Compromiso con el entorno

Animal welfare

Animal breeding with the highest comfort.

Anticipation in the application of welfare European regulations.



Galician foods

Every day, more than 6,000 families wake up with a commitment: that all their work serves consumers and the agro-food sector while guaranteeing Galicia’s commitment towards the environment, innovation, traceability and animal welfare at all times. Feeding thousands of families with 100% Galician products every day for over 50 years.

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