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Selecta COREN. Cerdo alimentado con castañas, criado de forma tradicional en Galicia, cerdos de raza seleccionada

Selecta pigs are born and raised in Galicia following a traditional breeding for at least 6 months. They are taken care of by our farmers.

Their selected breed, that favours fat infiltration with a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids, and their natural feeding with chestnuts contribute to create a tasty tender juicy meat with a sweet nuance. Just different.

The wide variety of Coren Selecta Pork meat (secreto, ribs, tenderloin, cheek…) turns it into a very versatile product. The exclusive cold meats and Selecta Serrano hams are the result of this excellent meats guaranteed by the prestige granted by the Galicia Calidade seal.

Besides, our Selecta ham has been awarded in Brussels and has received two gold stars at the “Superior Taste Award Contest”, which recognises its quality and flavour, apart from having been awarded a gold medal at the IFFA fair in Germany.

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Our recipe

Skewered pork secreto with sautéed vegetables

Recipe by Coren Team

Recipe by Coren Team

secreto Selecta

Learn how to prepare pork skewers with vegetables with this simple and tasty recipe.

Why is Selecta of Coren so special?