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Crystallised Prime Chicken with Season Mushrooms and Prawns

Discover how to give a different touch to the convent poularda by making it candied and you will succeed this Christmas.


    • The first thing to do is preheating the oven at 180º for some minutes.
    • Once the oven reaches the adequate temperature, season the prime chicken to your liking, place it on a platter and let it roast for an hour approximately. You can lower the temperature down to 150º so it remains juicy on the inside
    • While the prime chicken is inside the oven, prepare the sautéed boletus and saffron milk caps in an oven with a good dash of olive oil.
    • When the mushrooms are half cooked, add the prawns pealed, the cream and salt to your liking and flambé everything with a good dash of cognac.
    • Once the cognac’s alcohol is consumed, the garnish is ready to accompany the prime chicken.


You can place the prime chicken on a long platter with some laurel leaves and the garnish in a separated bowl for everybody to add the amount they want to the food.As an informal touch, you can accompany it with chips.