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Roasted capon with garnishes

Here is a simple but delicious recipe for Christmas: our roasted Coren capon accompanied by a simple garnish.


    • Start by cleaning the capon. Once done, add salt and pepper inside and outside.
    • Truss it with twine so it is finely shaped and turn on the oven so it begins to heat up.
    • Place the capon on an oven tray and pour olive oil on it. Leave it for about 30 minutes at 250º.
    • When that amount of time has elapsed, lower the oven to 150º and leave the capon inside for one more hour.
    • Halfway through the roasting, pour the Port wine and the stock on the capon.
    • Once the roasting is done, remove the capon from the oven and carve it so as to check if it is properly cooked. If so, serve it on a platter and pour the roasting juice on a sauceboat.

    What about one of these garnishes to go with it?

    • Cheese tiles: on a silicone-made oven tray, sprinkle some small piles of cheese and afterwards, flatten them. Put the tray inside the oven at 250ª until they are well browned. When ready, remove them from the oven and shape them as tiles. Let them chill
    • Broccoli and boiled potatoes
    • Tomato confit: On a platter, pour olive oil on the cherry tomatoes. Put some thyme sprigs on top of them and leave them inside the oven for 30 minutes at 120 º


Place the capon in an oval dish with the garnish around it