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Turkey breast stuffed with grapes

Here is a different way of preparing turkey with a sweet and delicious stuffing.


    • In a pan, heat the oil, sauté the –thinly chopped– garlic, then the onion and lastly the almonds and the grapes. Finally, add the brandy, season everything and put it aside.
    • Stuff the turkey breast with the sauté (once it has chilled), wrap it well so the filling does not go out and leave it aside. It can be trussed so as to remain fully sealed.
    • Mix the remaining oil of the stuffing with the paprika. Cover the breast with it.
    • Preheat the oven at 190º and put the breast inside covered with aluminium foil on an oven tray for about 35 minutes.
    • After this time, remove the turkey from the oven, lift the foil to check the breast's cooking status, pour some more oil and put it back inside for 15 minutes more so its browning is complete.
    • After that, put it on a platter, slice it and it is ready to serve.


It can be served on a bed of spinach or with a vegetable garnish.