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Poularde stuffed with truffles

The poularde is a tender and juicy bird and if it is stuffed with a delicious garnish as this one, the result is just spectacular.


    • Start by cleaning the poularde well. Remove the remaining feathers and pay particular attention to the cavity to be filled.
    • Once clean, spread it with olive oil, season it inside and outside to your liking and put the sausages, the bacon, the pine nuts and the dates inside (everything has to be previously sliced in small chunks).
    • After that, wash the lemon and cover the poularde's cavity with picks.
    • Place the poularde in an oven roasting tin and, by means of little incisions, put small and thin truffle chunks inside, add salt and pepper to your liking and sprinkle with the fine herbs.
    • Put the roasting tin on an oven tray and place the poularde inside the preheated oven at 170-180º. When it starts roasting on the top side, add the brandy.
    • The roasting process is slow since it needs to be properly cooked inside and become juicy. The cooking time is two hours approximately.
    • During this time, keep pouring the juice from the roasting tin and turn the poularde over halfway through the roasting process.
    • Once cooked, remove the picks and the lemon, put the poularde on a platter and pour the juice on a sauceboat.


It can be served in whole or sliced in fillets with a pinch of sauce on top and accompanied by peeled roast potatoes.