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Ternera Gallega Carpaccio with parmesan cheese and pine nuts

This is an easy-to-prepare exquisite dish. Here you will learn how to make a delicious carpaccio with one of the tenderest Ternera Gallega pieces: the sirloin.


    • Firstly, clean the sirloin by removing the grease and the nerves. Put it in a plastic wrap and leave it inside the freezer for 40 minutes.
    • While the meat is in the freezer, prepare the seasoning.
    • In a bowl, squeeze the lemons until getting 50 ml of juice. After that, mix it with the olive oil and add salt and pepper to your liking.
    • After 40 minutes, remove the sirloin from the freezer and its plastic wrap before slicing it thinly. You can use a meat hammer or a pestle in order to smash everything a bit more.
    • Now only the Parmesan cheese needs to be prepared. Use a grater to produce shavings. Keep them in a bowl.


The carpaccio can be placed on a platter with the seasoning as the final touch. Add the Parmesan cheese shavings. It can be accompanied by a rocket salad with the same dressing as well as a handful of pine nuts.