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Stone-grilled Ternera Gallega Sirloin

Here you will learn how to prepare a delicious stoned-grilled Ternera Gallega sirloin.


    • First, we recommend taking the meat out of the fridge two hours before cooking for a balanced temperature.
    • Once it has acquired the room temperature, there are two possibilities for cooking: the whole piece or fillets. We opted to fillet it so every diner can take a serving and stone-grill it to their liking.
    • To heat up the stone, the best choice is to put it inside the oven when hot and leave it inside for about 50 minutes. The oven must be set to the maximum temperature. You would better choose a stone with handles so it is easier to remove it from the oven.
    • When the stone has reached its ideal temperature (250ª approximately), it can be buttered with a chunk of fat. Normally, sirloins do not contain much fat; therefore, it is advisable to ask the butcher if he has spare fat from other pieces, such as a T-bone steak for example.
    • The cooking time on the stone will depend on the taste of each diner, although it should not be cooked for too long so it can preserve its flavour.
    • Once the meat is taken from the stone, you can add some salt flakes for a delicious touch.


The meat can be accompanied by an endless number of sauces (goat cheese, Roquefort, green pepper...). However, if you want to taste its full flavour, it is recommended to eat it without any sauce and with just a tomato salad or some chips.