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Tradition and innovation

Pork Selecta: the chestnut one

The Selecta chestnut-fed pork is one of Coren's reference benchmark products, which from the first moment it was launched on the market won over consumers, who appreciate the juiciness provided by the meat's marbling and the distinct flavour, with a slightly sweet nuance, thanks to the chestnut feed.

The Selecta range originated in 2012 from an R&D project by Coren, which wanted to meet the demand for a juicier and tastier meat, with that special flavour that one remembers from the meats of yesteryear. And one of the keys to that flavour of yesteryear was precisely that the pigs were fed with Galician chestnuts. For this reason, Coren brought back chestnuts for feeding pigs in its Selecta range.

Through its Selecta project, Coren contributes to rural sustainability, generating direct employment for more than 100 families. Furthermore, with its requirement for chestnuts, the cooperative promotes the conservation of the soutos - chestnut forests - in Galicia. Currently, Coren requires 4.7 million kilos of chestnuts for its Selecta production, equivalent to 160,000 trees on 2,100 hectares of land.

The keys to Selecta

  • Selected pig breed to facilitate fat infiltration. Thanks to this fat infiltration, Selecta meat is juicier, tastier and more marbled, which imbues a more intense flavour and a more tender and juicy texture.
  • Traditional breeding with maximum animal welfare: the pigs of the Selecta range are raised in Galicia with all the care and attention provided by Coren's farmers, in a peaceful setting - where they have toys and other pleasures - and completely free of stress, which benefits the final product.
  • Feeding based on Galician chestnuts: the pigs enjoy a completely natural feed based on Galician chestnuts, just like that bringing back the tradition of Galicia.
The chestnuts used to feed Selecta pigs come entirely from Galicia. Coren harvests the chestnuts in season and then peels, cooks and freezes them, in order to have the nuts available to feed the pigs throughout the year, keeping their nutritional properties intact.

The Selecta range has a wide assortment of products, among which the following stand out:

Discover our Selecta Pork products


Coren’s Selecta ham is the only ham in the world made from Galician chestnuts. It is cured in a traditional way and under the care of Coren’s master ham makers to obtain its delicious aroma, intense marbling and just the right curing point, resulting in artisan and exclusive pieces, with a flavour that evokes chestnut and Galician tradition...


The origin of selected breed pigs raised with the maximum well-being, and Galician chestnut-based feeding, contribute to obtain meats of the highest quality, which are characterised by their fat infiltration and, especially, by their excellent taste of yesteryear, with the slightly sweet nuance conferred by the chestnut.



The hallmark of our cured products, particularly for the typical Galician “cocido” stews prepared in autumn and winter. Our Selecta pork shoulder is traditionally produced according to Galicia’s customs with selected pigs fed with Galician chestnuts, which provide them with marbling, make them juicier and grant them a special flavour. This traditional know-how and chestnut-based feeding grant the product likewise traditional texture and flavour.

lacon selecta castanas


Our new chestnut-fed Selecta pork mini chorizo and mini shalchichon packaging is perfect for snacks or take-away meals.

With its pocket size, you can enjoy the delicious flavour of these two products in a practical way with all the traditional texture and flavour of our Selecta products.

minis chorizo salchichon selecta

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