Ternera gallega

Ternera gallega COREN. Productos de IGP, ternera gallega de terneros nacidos y criados en Galicia

Bandejas ternera gallega

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Our recipe

Ternera Gallega Roast Beef

Cook: Coren team.

Cook: Coren team.

Did you know?

The ternera gallega protected geographical indication protects and certifies two beef meat typologies:


This is the meat coming from those calves bred in traditional environmentally-linked farms accompanied by meat breed mother cows. In these places, there is a special mother-calf-environment symbiosis handled with the Galician farmers’ experience and good work, where they use the farm’s own resources and take special care of animals.

Suprema calves are distinguished for having breastfeeding as their staple food up to almost their slaughtering. Their feeding is also complemented by fodder harvested at the farm and by cereal extract of the highest quality.


It is the meat coming from those calves bred in family farms and feedlots, according to the traditional beef feed patterns in Galicia. This process takes place at productive units of reduced dimension and with the farmers’ own labour.

Calves are weaned at different ages and their diet is based on fodder and vegetable extracts. Animal recycled by-products or any other substance that might interfere in the normal animals’ growth rate and development are forbidden to be used in the food they eat.