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Stone-grilled Ternera Gallega T-bone Steak with Pepper

Tiempo de preparación: 25 minutes

Comensales: 4 people

Nivel: easy

The T-bone is a red meat jewel. Here we propose this fantastic recipe to prepare a delicious meal.

Recipe by Coren Team


  • 4 Ternera Gallega T-bones (2 fingers thick approx.)
  • Salt flakes
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • A jet of olive oil


1.Firstly, it is recommended to take the T-bones out of the fridge around 2 and 3 hours before cooking time. Consequently, you will be able to better appreciate the special fat that this type of meat has. Besides, you will see that the meat will be getting bigger with the passing of time.

2.Cross-cut the meat to obtain half-centimetre fillets.

3.Heat up a grill or a griddle pan and sear the T-bones just to seal and brown the meat a bit. It must be a bit raw on the inside.

4.Grease the stone with some lard or with the T-bone's fat (if possible).

5.Each diner can cook the meat to their liking and also add their desired quantity of salt and pepper.


The T-bones can be accompanied by a vegetable salad or by some baker-style potatoes.