Pollo de corral campero de COREN

Huevos de corral de COREN, huevos de gallinas criadas al aire libre, como las de antes. Huevos de color intenso, sabrosos y naturales

Huevos de Corral
10 FREE-RANGE EGGS Ten eggs with all the free-range Coren flavour for special occasions.
6 XL EGGS For those who want to appreciate the pleasure of a big yolk with the flavour of traditional eggs.
6 VITA-E EGGS The best flavour of a home egg that helps you fight against ageing effects.
6 FREE-RANGE EGGS Half a dozen eggs coming from chickens bred in liberty.
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Our recipe

Sesame Brown Bread with a Fried Free-range Egg and Guacamole

Recipe by Coren Team

Recipe by Coren Team

Nutritional advice

Eggs and nutrition

  • Nutritional
    • The egg is a food of high nutritional value. Its protein, vitamin and mineral content, along with other important substances for human health, has made it possible for those organisations related to nutrition and health to consider it as a recommendable food for a varied and balanced diet.
  • Low in calories and balanced in fat
    • The energy content of an egg is low (70 Kcal. for a medium-sized egg) and does not favour obesity.
  • An essential food for your diet
    • During children and teenagers’ growth period, eggs can contribute to cover the nutritional requirements for the organism. The egg is also a valuable food for old people due to its nutritional value and its easy digestion and chewing.

Eggs and health

  • Reply to the cholesterol myth
    • A medium-sized egg has between 214 and 220 cholesterol milligrams. However, due to its phospholipid content –which interfere in the cholesterol’s absorption– it does not have a big effect on the blood cholesterol level. Therefore, for healthy people, the daily consumption of an egg is compatible with a heart-healthy diet. It avoids the saturated fat consumption and other cholesterol sources from surpassing the recommended levels.
  • How many eggs can be consumed a week?
    • The egg’s nutritional composition does not depend on the way the chicken is bred. The shell colour does not depend on the way it is bred, since the shell can be white or brown depending on the bird’s breed. Through a special feeding, some nutrients of the egg can be enriched (some acids, fats or vitamins).