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Huevos de corral de COREN, huevos de gallinas criadas al aire libre, como las de antes. Huevos de color intenso, sabrosos y naturales

Huevos de Corral
10 FREE-RANGE EGGS Ten eggs with all the free-range Coren flavour for special occasions.
6 XL EGGS For those who want to appreciate the pleasure of a big yolk with the flavour of traditional eggs.
6 VITA-E EGGS The best flavour of a home egg that helps you fight against ageing effects
6 FREE-RANGE EGGS Half a dozen eggs coming from chickens bred in liberty.
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Our recipe


Toasted bread with spinach and fried free-range egg

Recipe by Coren's team

Recipe by Coren's team

A delicious and simple recipe to be sampled as an appetiser or as a starter


Sabor amarillo

Your kid memories of an intense-yellow yolk full of flavour can only be obtained by feeding our hens with corn and letting them run through the fields. 100% natural feeding and traditional breeding to obtain the old traditional flavour.

Galicia calidade
Sabor amarillo