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Turkey Breast Stuffed with Spinach

An original recipe for all audiences.


    • First, you should prepare the tomato sauce the previous day so as to finish faster. For that purpose, pour a jet of oil in a pan together with the onion and the garlic previously chopped. Add salt and pepper and cook the mix for 10 minutes. Once the onion is transparent, add the puréed tomato, the paprika and a pinch of sugar for removing the tomato acidity. You just need to add some other spice that you like and cover it on a low fire. Let it cook for about 50-60 minutes. The following day it will be delicious.
    • In a pan with oil, sauté the thinly sliced onion and the diced bacon first. Whenever the onion is soft and transparent, add the –properly washed and chopped– spinach. Sauté everything for 3 minutes and put it aside.
    • Split the whole breasts and make big fillets. Wrap them in plastic with two or three spoonfuls of the mix. Press the packs well as if they were cannelloni and produce a knot at both ends simulating the shape of sweet wrappers.
    • Boil them for 10 minutes in a pot with boiling water and salt. Once boiled, let them chill a bit before removing the wrap and brown them lightly in a pan with a little oil.


In a somewhat deep plate, place one of the breasts split in half with some basmati rice and add some hot tomato sauce on top.