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Turkey cubes ragout

This is a delicious and easy-to-prepare recipe. Turkey meat has proteins with a high biological value. Besides, its high collagen content makes it very digestive; therefore, it can be included in children diets. What is more, in Coren, we offer you the turkey tray with the thin cubes already chopped and ready to cook.


    • Start by chopping the vegetables in small cubes
    • In a pot containing hot oil, fry the vegetables gently. Start by the onion and add the red and the green pepper afterwards
    • The next thing to do is adding the tomato. It can be fresh (chopped as the rest of the vegetables) or fried (add 2 or 3 spoonfuls)
    • Stir well to remove the juices from the bottom of the pot
    • Whenever the vegetables become browned, add the turkey cubes, the cleaned chopped carrots, the peas and the sliced potatoes
    • Add salt and pepper to your liking and pour the glass of wine
    • When the alcohol is evaporated, let everything stand for 3 or 4 minutes so the meet is done to perfection


Place the ragout in the middle of the plate by making a turret and mixing it with the potatoes and the vegetables. As a final touch, add some rosemary or any aromatic plant you like. Delicious!