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Crispy Turkey Tenderloin Skewers

Turkey is a light, healthy and complete meat. Here we suggest a crispy touch by using cereals.


    • Dice the tenderloin, season the pieces with some salt and skewer them.
    • Beat the two egg whites and pass the skewers through to finally batter them in the cereals. There are two options: using the whole cereal pieces or smashing them lightly beforehand.
    • In a frying pan with hot extra virgin olive oil, cook the skewers until they are browned. It is advised not to use a very strong fire to avoid having them uncooked in the inside while burnt outside.
      If you want to try new recipes, you can batter the skewers in previously smashed toasted or fried corn.
    • While the meat is being fried, prepare a salad with the different types of lettuce, adding the walnuts, some blue cheese, a jet of olive oil and vinegar or lemon, to your liking.


Place two or three skewers on each plate with some salad on one side