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Vegetable Quiche with Free-range Eggs

The quiche is a typical French dish that has eggs, milk and shortbread pastry as main ingredients. Then, everything is oven-baked. It can be filled with plenty of ingredients. Here we propose a vegetable filling.


    • Firstly, dice the ham in small chunks and sauté it in a pan with the leek and the mushrooms. Add salt and pepper to your liking.
    • Once the vegetables are lightly tossed in oil, sprinkle them with mashed parsley and place everything in a bowl.
    • In the same pan, add the evaporated milk and the cracked eggs. Add salt and pepper. Lastly, mix the nutmeg and the grated cheese and beat the mix for a couple of minutes. Whenever it is well beaten, add the vegetables and stir everything.
    • Cover a cake mould with the shortbread pastry. Stick the base several times with a fork and press the sides well. Pour the mix on the pastry.
    • 30 minutes at 200-220º will be enough to bake the quiche.
    • You can reserve some grated cheese to sprinkle on it 5 minutes before taking it from the oven.
    • The baking time can range between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the power. It is important to preheat the oven for 10 minutes before placing the quiche inside.


You can serve the quiche in the mould or, once it cools down a bit, you can unmould it and slice it in portions.