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Flamenco-style free-range eggs

Delicious Flamenco-style egg recipe by Carmen Albo


    • Peel and dice the potatoes. Peel and cut the onion or chives into squares.
    • You can fry the potatoes and the onion in oil in the traditional way or, if you want to have a less caloric and healthier result, you can roast them in the oven or use the air fryer with a quick spray of oil.
    • KNOW THE TRICK: the healthiest least caloric fastest way to make the potatoes for Flamenco-style eggs is the one I chose to follow.
    • Once the potatoes and the onion are sliced, microwave them for 7 minutes in a proper container.
    • After that, in a shallow layer of oil and in the pan you are going to use, brown the half-cooked onions and potatoes lightly.
    • Meanwhile, also in the microwave, steam some peas for 3 minutes in a proper container. Put them aside.
    • In the pan used to finish the dish, add the potatoes, onion, peas, a few tablespoons of fried tomato sauce and a few slices of Selecta ham.
    • When everything is hot and well mixed, add the free-range egg whites, which you need to set while incorporating them to all of the ingredients.
    • Once the whites are set and everything is rather hot, add the 4 yolks that you had put aside, remove everything from the stove and cover.
    • The free-range egg yolks will cook over the residual heat. Finally, you just need to slash them open with a fork when served on the table.
Plato de huevos a la flamenca con huevos de corral de Coren


You can decorate the Flamenco-style eggs with a few more slices of Selecta ham.