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Poached Free-range Eggs with Peas and Ham

Delicious recipe for poached eggs accompanied by garnish.


    • You can prepare the tomato sauce beforehand and store it in a glass jar. It is very easy: peel the tomatoes, boil them for about 30 minutes and, once boiled, whip them.
      While the tomatoes are being fried, poach the onion in a pot for 10 minutes. After that, whip the whole mix again by adding salt and sugar. Once the sauce is ready and cold, put it aside in a glass jar.
    • In a pot, boil the peas in water for 6/7 minutes before removing them. In a pan with oil, fry the thinly sliced garlic and onion lightly and, once browned, add the ham, the paprika and the wine and let everything boil for 3 minutes.
    • After this time, add the previously prepared tomato sauce as well as the peas and the soup.
    • Lastly, share out the garnish in three clay casseroles and crack the eggs inside.
    • With the oven heated, have the casseroles inside until the egg white is curdled and the yolk is pretty liquid.


Serve the casseroles with a wooden board underneath