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Sunny Side Up Eggs with Serrano Ham

This is an essential recipe who everybody likes.


    • The first thing to do is pealing the potatoes. Chop them into thin slices or cut them into strips as the classical French fries. Once chopped or cut, wash them thoroughly and dry them up with an absorbent paper so they can be dried for frying.
    • Put a frying pan on the heat with plenty of oil at a high temperature. Whenever it is hot, add the fries and lower the heat down. Let them fry for about 15 minutes.
    • Once they are crispy, remove them from the pan with a skimmer ladle and place them onto a plate.
    • Remove some oil, crack the eggs and cook them for a short time so the yolk remains liquid.
    • When all the eggs are ready, lower the heat down, remove the oil from the pan and add the fries first and then the eggs without cracking.
    • As the final touch, slice the ham and place it on the top.


The eggs can be left in the pan so the heat is preserved. You only need to cut them into pieces so the yolk impregnates the other ingredients. Add a pinch of salt to it all.