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Sprout Salad with Pickled Free-range Chicken

With good weather around the corner, here is a fresh recipe for the hottest days.


    • To begin with, slice the Free-range Chicken breasts and season them to your liking
    • Secondly, cook them in a pan with a spoonful of oil until browned
    • There is the option to prepare the pickling before grilling the breasts or while we are on it. As you may know, pickling was created as a method to preserve food in vinegar although nowadays it is used for other purposes. Currently, its gastronomic value is based on the texture and flavour it gives our dishes.
      For making a good pickling, mix 100 ml of olive oil, 2 laurel leaves, grains of black pepper, a sliced carrot and a sliced onion in a bowl of 60 ml of vinegar
    • Mix the pickling with the breasts and simmer everything until the breasts are tender. It is important that this process be properly done in order for the chicken to have a good texture
    • Let the pickled meat stand out of the fire until cold


  • Break the sprouts in two and dress them with a dash of salt and oil.
  • Place some slices of the free-range chicken along with the pickled vegetables. Apart from that, add a strip of roasted pepper and an anchovy on top of every sprout.
  • Add some sauce from the pickling and it will be ready to taste.