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Free-range Chicken Strips on Japanese Bread

This is a quick and easy recipe that will guide you through the preparation of some delicious chicken strips with panko and teriyaki sauce.


    • The first thing to do will be cutting the chicken breasts in strips, placing them in a bowl and adding salt to your liking.
    • Four deep plates are needed: one for beating the eggs, two for the flour (mixing the spices) and another one for the panko.
    • In one of the flour bowls, add some water and milk until obtaining a paste in which to soak the chicken strips for about 30 minutes.
    • After this time, remove the chicken, batter it on the other flour plate and, finally, on the panko.
    • On a pan with hot oil, cook the battered chicken strips until they are browned before removing them and placing them on a plate with some paper towel (for properly draining the remaining oil).


If you have a slate plate, you can place the chicken strips on some lettuce and add the teriyaki sauce on one side.