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Free-range Chicken with Curry Sauce

Curry is one of the most used condiments nowadays. We will show you how to prepare this delicious dish in a fast and easy way.


    • In a pot, boil the rice on a low fire with 3 glasses of boiling water, a bit of chicken soup or half of a bouillon cube and a pinch of salt.
    • While the rice is boiling, dice the breast uniformly, add salt and pepper to it (you can add a bit of black pepper if you want) and roll it in batter with a bit of flour.
    • In a pan, add a jet of oil, the previously chopped onion and the diced chicken.
    • Whenever the chicken is ready, flambé it with the brandy, add the wine and let it reduce.
    • Finally, add the curry, the pineapple chopped in small slices and the sour cream. Let it poach on a low fire for approximately three minutes.


For the plating up, place the chicken and the pineapple on a bed of rice with the sauce on the top.