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Granny-style Oven-roasted Free-range Chicken Breast

Roasted chicken breast recipe with skin made by Carmen Albo


      • A certain smell is something that instantaneously evokes my memories.
      • I do not think that such evocative faculty is that special and, for that reason, everybody has their own Proust’s madeleine cake, the one that with just a sniff brings us back to a past moment in life, to a person or a certain home.
      • In my case, this is the oven-roasted chicken breastrecipe which, while it is being made, takes me back to my long-gone childhood Sundays at my grandma’s house in Valladolid.
      • I really hope that you will love this Coren oven-roasted free-range chicken breast with skin recipe and I also hope that it brings back memories of someone or of a dear and long-forgotten kitchen. Hopefully you will!

    Steps to cook my granny-style oven-roasted chicken breast:

    • Crush a garlic clove together with parsley, salt, pepper and some oil.
    • Spread the mix on the free-range chicken breasts with skin. Precisely, the skin prevents the piece from drying up and, therefore, the meat will be juicier. Besides, it grants unimaginable flavour.
    • Place the breasts on an oven tray and surround them by plenty of split shallots, sliced red peppers and 12 prunes. Add all the vegetables, salt and oil and a generous jet of brandy.
    • Cover the oven tray with foil and roast over a temperature of 200º for about 20 minutes.
    • In case you want to use the oven or you do not have an airfryer: 5 minutes at 250º and 13 minutes at 180º.
    • Increase the temperature to 250º, remove the foil and roast for another 10 minutes until the chicken breast skin is toasted.
    • If you see that the vegetables are still a bit hard, remove the chicken breasts from the oven and let the accompanying vegetables cook for about 7 or 8 more minutes.
Receta de pechugas de pollo al horno de la abuela de Carmen Albo


Serve the oven-roasted free-range chicken breasts accompanied by the vegetable and prune garnish together with the delicious sauce.