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Free-range chicken meatballs with Selecta ham and peas

Delicious chicken meatball recipe with ham accompaniment


      • For the chicken meatballs, mix the minced free-range chicken with the thinly-chopped Selecta ham, a Free-range egg, salt, pepper and 2 level tablespoons of flour.
      • Make the meatballs, flour them and pierce them thinly with a finger.
      • Insert a little square of San Simón cheese in the little hole of the minced chicken meatballs and reshape again.
      • Spray parchment paper with oil and put the meatballs on it; once placed, spray them with oil too.
      • Sear the meatballs inside the oven at 250° for 9 minutes.
      • While the meatballs are in the oven, poach the chives in some oil.
      • Once the onion is poached, add the Selecta ham, let it release the fat and add the peas.Add salt and pepper..
      • Add 150 ml of water or white wine to the sauce.
      • Mix the Free-range chicken meatballs with the Selecta ham and peas and cook for 10 minutes in a pot.


Receta de albóndigas de pollo de corral con jamón selecta y guisantes


Leave the Free-range chicken meatballs in the pot and serve directly from there.