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Free-range Chicken Breast Fricassée

We share the keys of this delicious free-range chicken recipe made by Carmen Albo


      • The fricassée recipe might seem somewhat cumbersome due to the amount of preparations that need to be previously added to the stew. The good news is that if you keep my order in such preparations you can just almost use a single pan in order to avoid washing many different utensils.
      • The order of preparation is the secret for the fricassée not to be cumbersome and just be what it is: delicious!
      • Although the free-range chicken is usually fricasséed in chunks, this time we are going to prepare fricasséed free-range chicken breast.
      • As ours is a breast with skin, it is ideal to have a much more tender, juicy and savoury preparation.

    Approximate procedure:

    • In a saucepan, boil two eggs for 12 minutes. Peel and put aside.
    • Pour a dash of oil in the pot to be used for stewing the chicken and fry 2 small bread loaves. Put them aside.
    • Toast a handful of almonds and put them aside.
    • Add some more oil and brown the breasts on all sides with salt and pepper.
    • This is a different way to eat free-range chicken breasts that will win over the youngest and the oldest diners alike.
    • Remove the breasts and, in the remaining oil, poach the –finely chopped– onion and garlic.
    • o While the vegetables are poaching, in a blender, grind the fried almonds together with the bread, the two yolks and some stigmas of saffron.Add a little jet of hot water until getting a thick paste.
    • Once the onion and garlic are poached, put the chicken back into the pot and add a glass of white wine. Let the alcohol evaporate for a few minutes and add the ground paste together with 200 ml of water or chicken broth.
    • Cook for about 15 minutes with the lid well placed on top (stir the sauce every now and then) and –voilà– you will have a delicious recipe based on the “minimum effort, maximum result” principle.
    • As a decoration, you can use the finely chopped leftover whites with some grated yolk. Besides, you must accompany this breast with some savoury potatoes.


    Accompaniment: crushed potatoes

    • Wash and boil a few small potatoes with skin until they are soft.
    • Add a dash of oil and some crushed garlic cloves to a pan. When the garlic starts browning, add the potatoes (crush them with a thick glass or a pestle).
    • Let them brown on both sides, add salt and pepper and just accompany the chicken with them.


Receta de pechuga de pollo guisada en pepitoria con pollo de Corral


Pour the sauce on a plate and put the breast with the boiled leftover whites and the potatoes around.