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Free-range Chicken Stew with Beans

The soups and broths season is back again. Here is a delicious proposal: beans with Free-range chicken.


    • Firstly, prepare the chicken bouillon. For that, add the oil and the chicken bones in a casserole and leave it there for about 15-20 minutes approximately.
    • While the bouillon is getting ready, stuff the chicken with bacon, brown it in a pan and put it aside.
    • You can use the same pan to make the stirfry of the vegetables (onion, carrot, red pepper and mushrooms) that have been previously diced in a small fashion.
    • Once the stirfry is ready, add the bouillon and the beans and let everything boil on a low fire for an hour.
    • Finally, add the pieces of stuffed chicken and the wild asparagus cut in half and let it cook for 40 more minutes adding salt to your liking.


You can serve it in a deep plate with abundant sauce and decorate it with sliced chives or any other aromatic herb.