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Glazed Free-range Chicken with Prunes and Pine Nuts

A delicious glazed chicken recipe with a slightly sweet touch.


    • Start by chopping and seasoning the chicken. Let it cook in a pot with a jet of olive oil for half an hour approximately.
    • At the same time, chop the onion and the garlic and brown them in another pot. Once it is ready, add the chopped tomato and the chopped chicken together with brandy and sweet wine. Let the mix reduce.
    • Once the wine has reduced, pour half a glass of lukewarm water, cover the pot and let it all cook on a low fire for 25 minutes.
    • Add the cinnamon stick and the pine nuts 10 minutes before removing everything.


You can serve the chicken with a potato millefeuille or with glazed peppers beside the chicken together with the prunes and the pine nuts.