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Roast chicken wings with barbecue sauce

We propose you a recipe to prepare healthier chicken wings. This time, we have opted for a roast and homemade barbecue sauce.


    • The first thing to do is preparing the sauce. Firstly, mix all the ingredients (except the chicken) in a pot until the boiling begins. Leave the pot on a low flame for about 25 minutes until the sauce thickens.
    • Take a bowl and pour some sauce before placing the chicken wings inside. Smear them well so they can have all the flavour. If it is easier, use a brush to reach the most difficult parts.
    • Once smeared, let them stand for about 45 minutes.
    • Heat the oven to 180º and place the wings on a tray for 30 more minutes. Be ready to turn them over whenever they are roasted on one side.
    • Once crunchy, take them out of the oven and add the sauce that had been previously made.


If you are looking for a perfect presentation, you can add some grilled greens or roast potato wedges. Do not let the wings cool down. The best moment to enjoy them is when they are just taken out of the oven.