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Duck magret with red wine sauce

Discover the step by step of this delicious duck magret recipe.


    • Put half a spoonful of butter on a pan and wait until it is properly heated up.
    • Whenever it is hot enough, place the duck maigret on the pan. Cook it on both sides to your liking. Remember to make some diamond-shaped cuts on the skin for a proper cooking.
    • At the same time, add half a spoonful of butter on another pan to fry the onion, which had been previously sliced very finely. Whenever it is well poached, remove it from the pan. Add the wine and a couple of spoonfuls of cornflour to the same pan and stir well so it does not become thick and lumpy.
      If you think the sauce is too strong, you can water it down.
    • Add the onion to the sauce and add salt and pepper to your liking.


Slice the duck maigret in thin strips and accompany it with grilled wild asparagus or with sautéed vegetables.